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Melody & Ed Short

Superstar Consultant


My Story

Welcome to our website!  We are so happy you decided to check it out!!  Since you are on this page, you are curious about us.  (That's ok, we want to get to know you as well!)

We have lived in Indiana most of our lives. We are both veterans (Ed is a Marine, and Melody retired from the Army in 2022). We had an empty nest for a minute, so Ed got Melody her beloved Scooter (Blue & Gold Macaw). We 2 daughters and 4 granddaughters that keep us laughing.

Our Scentsy story started a few years ago.  Our youngest daughter decided to join Scentsy because she LOVED Luna (especially the laundry line).  We purchased from her party and immediately fell in love!  The Service & Sacrifice Warmer and the Tea Rose Nightlight Warmers were the first of many to come into our home.  There were so many scents we liked, but Welcome Home and Fresh Cut Daisies were our favorites!  And then, when we had our party, we got the Reflect Diffuser (HEAVEN!!!) We LOVED our diffuser so much we now have a Scentsy Diffuser in every room! (and additional shades to change the look as needed)!!!

Fast forward a couple months, Scentsy had an incentive that included earning a free tablet.  The incentive guidelines stated you had to have someone join and then certify.  Our little girl wanted that tablet, but her person backed out.  SO we decided to join so that she could get it.  And why not get paid for our purchases? (Oh and she did get that tablet!)

After we joined Scentsy, Ed bought us the house of our dreams for our anniversary. We use Scentsy in every room!  We love that we can use Scentsy as accents through the entire house from the formal dining room to the recreation room!!  Oh, and when Melody got to go to the Scentsy Family Reunion (because yes, we really are a family and they treat us that way as well!), she was able to get an exclusive warmer that looks like an old microphone!  It looks great next to her memorabilia of her grandma that was a professional singer/piano player!

We cannot say enough about how great this company is, and the integrity we see daily is just amazing!   When we first joined, what we originally liked was that the warmers are totally safe and will not cause a fire and that the wax is food grade.  We then learned how Scentsy supports military, civil servants, and community.  This is a company that we can stand beside!  They actually CARE about safety and community!

We have been with Scentsy for a few years now, and in that time, we've gotten to go on a few trips, met some great people, and established some friendships that are incredible!  Scentsy is just like family!  The products are awesome, the people are even better!  It is our fervent hope that we will be able to share our love of these products with others!!!

We would love for you to join our family or even host a party. You can experience a Scentsy party and earn free and half-priced items. Scentsy has something for everyone. See it! Smell it! LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you again for visiting our page. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have!


~ Ed & Melody ~
Scentsy Independent Directors




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